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Csányi Dinnye Védegylet
[Melon Preserving Association of Csány]
Hungary, Heves County

[Founded in 1999]

Address: H-3015 Csány, Szövetkezet út 2.

Leader: Gál Tiborné
Tel.: +36/20/323-9820


Tax number:

The association comprises those individuals of Csány who grow melon and other vegetables, and who would like to preserve and enlarge the reputation of melon- and vegetable growing. The association is also engaged in protection of interests, which involves continuous informing and helping the members, and enlarging their knowledge. Every year a melon festival is held in our village, which is nowadays organized with the help of the local government within the scope of our village days. Thus, not only the members can take part in the melon festival and the village days, but residents of the village and the neighbouring settlements as well. We, of course, expect visitors arriving from remote places. Later on we would like to strengthen and popularize the melon festival. On this illustrious day professional lectures and art performances take place, and our nursery pupils and students of primary school give performances. There are competitions connected to melon and horse riders go around with their carts and offer slices of melon to the people all over the village. This is the time when the biggest melon of the village is weighed. The festival ends up in a street feast.

History of the melon of Csány: growing of melons in Hungary, and probably in Csány as well, started in the 14th century, but the first written document from Csány dates back to 1657. At the end of the 18th century the sand pastures around the village were broken in order to grow maize and melon on it. According to a document written in the middle of the 19th century, melons of Csány were already appreciated: "The outskirts of the black sandy field grow every corn richly, especially the well-known water-melon which - together with the melon of Heves- are considered to be the best in the whole country." (Fényes Elek, 1851). The melon growers of Csány mostly work alone or together with their families and sell their melones at the local or nearby markets. The reputation of melon was further enlarged by the significant amount of export, mainly to Austria. At the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century the wandering farmers of Csány, who lived in poorly furnished melonhouses or cabins built at the place of the growing, brought the culture of growing to many parts of the country. The traditional water-melon of Csány is sweet, has a red flesh and its rind is green and definitely thin - as opposed to other, not so outstanding types. Nowadays these types are barely produced, but the striped melon types produced instead are similar. The honeydew melon of Csány is just as tasty as watermelon.

Our business offer

Our aim is to strengthen the market of the vegetables that we produce, consequently, we are happy to receive any kind of business inquires or suggestions for cooperation - whether it may come from Hungary or from abroad. Lately, growing of other vegetables have come to the front; we are engaged in cucumber, onion, paprika and tomato growing as well. We are ready to be your partners in growing any of these vegetables.

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